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Biyos is a management and finance application developed for propery, building, residence and shopping mall managers

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Credit Card Payment

Credit Card Payment

Your flat residents can pay dues and other debts by credit card. Moreover, they can be divided into all credit cards up to 12 installments. Our credit card collection service is completely free, only a commission fee per transaction. This fee is charged to the flat resident. Payments are automatically transferred to the bank account specified by the site administration.

SMS ve Eposta Bildirimleri

SMS and Email Notifications

Easily send your residents debt status, debt reminders, meetings and all other information in a few steps via SMS and Email.

Just enter your residents' email and phone numbers, then send notifications to your residents with ready-made templates and filters.

Sayaç okuma ve paylaştırma servisi

Meter Reading and Sharing

We read your meters remotely without touch and automatically transfer them to your Biyos account. In this way, your flat residents can view the meter index values not only when the invoice is received, but whenever they want.

In addition, if you wish, we share your meters in accordance with the laws and share the accruals and details in your Biyos accounts.

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Sayaç Yönetimi

Payroll and SGK Transactions

You can do payroll, annual leave, free and all other transactions of your employees with Biyos.

In addition, you can perform SGK entry, exit and all other transactions with Biyos without the need for an additional accountant. Please contact our sales team for this service.

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Bank Integration

Your Bank Movements are Instantly at Biyos

Biyos is integrated with all banks operating in Turkey. You do not have to constantly follow the arrivals from your residents. You can view the transaction in your Biyos account as soon as the transaction occurs.

  • Türkiye İş Bankası Integration
  • Garanti Bankası Integration
  • Yapı Kredi Integration
  • Akbank Integration
  • QNB Finansbank Integration
  • Enpara Integration
  • Halkbank Integration
  • Vakıfbank Integration
  • ING Bank Integration
  • Kuveyttürk Integration
  • Albaraka Türk Integration

For requests related to the integration of your bank account outside Turkey, please contact us.

Biyos Mobile Recipt Printer

Mobile Receipt Printing With Your Phone

Print receipts from your mobile phone with our mobile printer with the Biyos Mobile Receipt Printer devices we have developed for Biyos IOS and Android applications. Produce your collection receipts instantly by hand.

Our mobile printer is wireless; It works with bluetooth and it is charged. It can print your receipts instantly on pos slips. You can print your collection and payment receipts without the need for any additional printer and connected equipment.

Biyos Mobile Receipt printers are limited in number, please contact our sales team for your order.

Other Features

  • Make collective debt with one click
  • Avoid entering debt every month thanks to the automatic debiting tool
  • Make debts according to apartment types and all other flat features
  • Share expenses according to hot water, calorimeter, allocator and all other meters
  • Receive your collections online by credit card
  • Easily print collection and payment receipts
  • Leave your delay fee calculations to Biyos, do not make mistakes
  • As many cash and banks as you want; create a supplier and employee account
  • Monitor your bank account movements instantly with bank integration

  • Create as many blocks, apartments, apartment group and account as you want
  • Easily create and track owner, tenant and former resident accounts
  • Manage your meters and make sharings according to index values.
  • Manage residents and vehicles belonging to the site
  • Effortlessly create your mandatory business book in minutes
  • Post announcements; Contact your residents instantly.
  • Create surveys, increase your interaction with your residents.
  • Easily track your executive files.
  • Instantly transmit all your financial and administrative notifications with SMS and Email services.

  • If you wish, flat residents can also enter Biyos at the authorization level you have determined
  • Can view the collection and payment records
  • Can view the financial status of the site, cash, bank and balance sheet
  • Can view polls and announcements
  • Can view its own meters values
  • Flat owners can update the debt status of their tenant
  • Can view decision book and business projects.
  • Can view the expense receipts and invoices uploaded to the system
  • Can send support requests and other messages to the management through the system

  • Generate debit and credit status reports
  • Easily produce your balance sheet, business ledger and trial balance reports
  • Generate settlement, debt declaration, notification, payment call
  • Get your detailed expense sharing reports
  • Generate date, period, category, block-based expense, income reports
  • Create account, cash, bank statements
  • Track user actions

  • Mobile compatible website for your site
  • IOS and Andriod mobile application for your site
  • Switchboard and call center dedicated to your site
  • You ask and we develop with our special integration solutions

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